🕹️ Will The Highest Bidder Take Over This Gaming DAO?

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⚔️ A bidding war brews
🌊 Is OpenSea open to selling?
📝 Pre-registering opens for Sipher Odyssey

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⛓️ Immutable Mainnet Early Access Goes Live

Immutable’s zkEVM mainnet is another step closer to its official launch with early access now going live.

Powered by Polygon, the mainnet will boast high speeds, low transaction costs, and epic security. All combined with zk (zero-knowledge) rollup technology.

The chain is built exclusively for game studios, developers, and gamers, and will work smoothly alongside other services like Immutable Passport.

🌊 OpenSea CEO Open to Company Sale

There’s been a huge decline in NFT volume this bear market.

A 96% drop in monthly trading volume since January 2022 and an increase in competition has put immense pressure on platforms within the industry, OpenSea being one of them.

In a recent interview with DL news, OpenSea CEO Finzer expressed a willingness to sell the platform amidst a continued market downturn.

But who knows, things might pick up again and all of this could remain a bad dream. Finzer remains optimistic.

💎 A Bidding War Sparks for Treasure DAO

Treasure DAO, home to a vibrant ecosystem of indie games living on Arbitrum, is about to migrate to their own dedicated Layer 3 chain.

Their proposal to deploy an ‘app chain’, where each game would live on its own chain and use native $MAGIC as gas, is close to being realised via an official litepaper.

However, an unexpected tweet by Optimism, and another later that day by zkSync, proposed the DAO to join their chain. This found the ecosystem in a stand-out chain war, with two large and prominent ecosystems vying for a piece of the action.

Will Treasure DAO stay on Arbitrum, the chain that made it what it is today, or will it look for greener pastures?

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👀 Feast your Eyes on these Awesome Crypto Games!

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💡 Animoca Partners with LightLink. Animoca Brands will be integrating LightLink, a Layer 2 technology, into select projects. They also plan to support the team through advisory services. LightLink provides users with a gasless experience and streamlines the Web3 development process for developers. It’s currently being used by projects like The Grapes and The Red Village.

🧌 Fan Recreates Diablo III World in Nifty Island. Dav, a fan of the popular game series Diablo, recreated the 5 Acts of Diablo III within Nifty Island’s 3D environment. Yes, he took the play-to-airdrop campaign a bit too seriously! Nifty Island is a Web3 social gaming platform where players can design islands and go on quests.

✏️ Pre-Register for Sipher Odyssey. Sipher Odyssey is getting ready for its open alpha launch, and you can pre-register to try it out when it’s live! You’ll need an Ather Labs account to begin the process.

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