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Today’s edition is brought to you by Goon Wars.

Collect, trade and battle over 300 unique cards with powerful elements and abilities in this quirky and creative game!

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🔗 Merit Circle joins forces with Immutable and Polygon

Immutable, a leading Web3 gaming platform, has joined forces with Merit Circle, the gaming-focused DAO that’s now home to the recently launched Beam ecosystem.

Ever heard of that saying “Strength in numbers”? Well, Merit Circle is taking it literally!

Previously only exclusive to Avalanche, Beam is now expanding its reach to Immutable’s zkEVM (zero-knowledge Ethereum Virtual Machine) platform, which is powered by Polygon.

This will take away some hurdles for game developers and will make playing and trading assets a breeze for gamers.

 💸 Animoca Brands raises additional $11.8M in funding for Mocaverse

How much moola is enough moola?

This second round of $11.8M in funding brings total invested funds into Mocaverse to $32M dollars.

Mocaverse is Animoca’s answer to an “interoperable meta experience layer for Web3 identity, social, and growth”.

In this open metaverse, users will be able to create Moca IDs - digital passport identities that:

  • Gives players access to Animoca’s 450+ portfolio companies.

  • Allows the accrual of spendable reputation points called “Realm Points”.

  • Helps players navigate both Web2 and Web3 experiences.

🤝 Elixir Games acquires studio behind CyberTitans

In a pivotal move for the Square Enix-backed Web3 studio, Elixir Games has strategically acquired LitLabs, the publishers of CyberTitans.

CyberTitans, the popular e-sports auto-battler, now joins their lineup of games and is a commitment to their forward thinking approach on the future of Web3 gaming.

🎴 Battle your way to victory in this vibrant deck builder!

We love deck battler games, but most of them focus too much on game mechanics and not enough on looks.

In Goon Wars, the focus is placed on both!

Here, the game’s visuals are not an afterthought, but a focal point that keeps the player engaged throughout the entire battle.

As you collect, trade and battle over 300 unique cards with powerful elements and abilities, Goon Wars will leave you wanting more!

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Reebok plans to launch on-chain gaming experience. Adidas-owned Reebok has partnered with Futureverse to develop multiple AI and blockchain-based games, expanding Reebok’s brand presence into the virtual realm. Check out the trailer for Reebok Impact here!

Arbitrum puts forward ‘ApeChain’ proposal to Apecoin DAO. Sometimes, you gotta shoot your shot. Arbitrum, together with guidance from Horizen Labs, has proposed to Apecoin DAO to migrate to a dedicated ‘ApeChain’ that will run off Arbitrum as an Orbit chain. $APE would be used as the native gas token, which would further enhance the DAO’s value proposition.

Apeiron set to migrate to Ronin December 18th. Apeiron, a unique card-battler game that incorporates god-simulator mechanics, is set to join the Ronin network after originally launching on Polygon in 2022. The Ronin chain, home to hit-game Axie Infinity and now Pixels, has demonstrated its ability to support millions of daily active users.


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