🕹️ Rockstar Co-Founder Green Lights Web3 Gaming

Today’s edition is brought to you by Goon Wars.

Collect, trade and battle over 300 unique cards with powerful elements and abilities in this quirky and creative game!

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🤝 OhBabyGames partners with Paramount Pictures

The developers behind Oh Baby Kart (the racing kart game that features your favorite crypto influencers as characters) has partnered with Paramount Pictures.

You know, the same studio behind Star Trek?

We don’t know much about the nature of the partnership yet, but it’s an exciting and profound leap forward in solidifying the presence of Web3 gaming!

🎸 Rockstar co-founder joins Portal Advisory Board

In breaking news, we learn that Jamie King (the co-founder behind Grand Theft Auto) joins forces with Portal as an advisor.

Portal seems to be all over social media these days.

They aim to onboard millions of ‘traditional’ players to crypto gaming through a shared ecosystem and a no-mess user experience.

Having someone like Jamie King on the team will add further credibility to Portal’s vision, and that of the industry.

Portal also recently released their whitepaper which you can read here.

☁️ Endless Cloud secures $2.5M in funding

The developers behind Treeverse and Capsule Heroes (two jaw-dropping games), raised an additional $2.5 million in funds to accelerate their growth in building out the two franchises.

Some pretty big names were behind this round, like Animoca Brands and Sky Mavis.

Earlier this year, Treeverse saw a combined $100 million in volume on their primary and secondary sales of their NFTs.

🎴 Battle your way to victory in this vibrant deck builder!

We love deck battler games, but most of them focus too much on game mechanics and not enough on looks.

In Goon Wars, the focus is placed on both!

Here, the game’s visuals are not an afterthought, but a focal point that keeps the player engaged throughout the entire battle.

As you collect, trade and battle over 300 unique cards with powerful elements and abilities, Goon Wars will leave you wanting more!

👀 Feast your eyes on these awesome games!

Spellborne | Monster-catching MMORPG | In-game Footage

The Watch | PvP Strategy Battler | Game Art

Rogue Nation | Rogue-lite Action RPG | In-game Footage

Arbitrum DAO approves $23 million ‘backfund’ grant. Budget cuts? Not in crypto! Arbitrum DAO votes in favor of extending their grant program, supporting an additional 26 projects that initially passed the program but couldn’t get funded due to the original budget.

NFT Gaming Marketplace Aqua shuts down. Nobody said building in crypto would be easy.

 Aqua has ceased operations due to market growth being slower than anticipated.

 Former CEO Sean Ryan still believes in the concept of players owning their assets, but a difficulty in raising funds meant the platform couldn’t sustain itself. Talk about bad timing!

Finland announces their vision for a 2035 Metaverse. Finland joins China, Japan, UK and the UAE as the first EU country to formulate a comprehensive national Metaverse strategy. Their stance in this is also firm, as they have chosen to use the term ‘Metaverse’, rejecting the recommended term ‘Virtual-worlds’ by the European Commission.


🔮 How much of a fortune teller are you?

Bitcoin is up a whopping 25.3% over the past 30 days in anticipation of an approval of a Spot ETF. Suffice to say, it’s taking up all the limelight.

Ethereum on the other hand? We don’t think its caught up yet!

We want to see how in touch you are with the Crypto gods.

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Closest guess on the highs of that day gets an obligatory shoutout!

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