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🤑 Wemade and Whampoa Launch $100M Web3 Fund

The South Korean video game company Wemade has partnered with Singaporean-based Whampoa digital to create a fund.

A pretty big fund.

The $100 million will go towards investing into a portfolio of games, especially ones developed in the Middle East.

Whampoa even started their own digital bank in Bahrain for crypto clients earlier this year.

They’re really serious about the industry!

💵 MapleStory Universe Raises $100M to Build IP

MapleStory, a MMORPG-based universe, has secured $100 million from Nexon to further develop their IP.

The large chunk of change will go towards operational purposes, and is expected to be more than enough for the team. No future funding necessary!

📦 Mysterious Community Member Airdrops Token

Holders of Smol Brains, Arbitrum’s first and #1 NFT collection, and one of the early pioneers of dynamic NFTs, are in for what looks like an early Christmas gift.

Yesterday they received $SMOL tokens as an airdrop (proportionately to how many NFTs were held during the time).

But the interesting thing is… no one knows who made it happen.

The token was later recognized on Discord by a team member as a “community memecoin” and that the team would “embrace [it] for the culture”.

The community cheered it on as the potential Meme King of Arbitrum (like how Bonk is to Solana).

It currently sits at an $18 million market cap at the time of writing.

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👀 Feast your eyes on these awesome games!

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Shardbound | Multiplayer Deck-builder | Game Art

📺 Anipang Match comes to LG Smart TVs. The Web3 casual game joins LG’s suite of pre-installed apps, offering players the ability to earn in-game currency.

🧾 GameSwift Launches GS PAY. A new payment gateway that simplifies blockchain lingo and removes gas fee payments has been launched by GameSwift. Users can order payment cards, make in-game purchases, and access both off-ramp and on-ramps effortlessly.

🦇 Animoca Brands CEO warns about vampire attacks. Vampire attacks, usually seen in De-Fi projects, are when forks of large protocols lure users through better incentives, sucking liquidity and volume from them. This attack style could come to games in the future too, given their interoperable nature with NFTs.

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