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🕹️ A New Gaming DEX Graces Web3, Immutable Brings Game To Mobile

In today’s High Score Junkie:

🎉 Gala Games launches a DEX
🎮 Arbitrum hosts epic gameathon
📱 Immutable brings a game to mobile
And much more…

Let’s dive in!

⛓️ Gala Games Launches Decentralized Exchange

Gala have officially launched their decentralized exchange, GalaSwap, on their L1 network, GalaChain.

The DEX will be able to handle 2 million transactions per second and is currently supported by around 43,000 user-operated nodes.

Now that’s impressive!

💸 Crystal Fun Raises $5M for Gaming Ecosystem

The KuCoin-backed company, Crystal Fun, have successfully raised $5M to further develop their decentralized gaming ecosystem.

Their product aims to help developers integrate Web3 features into high-profile games, which will help onboard players into the crypto gaming world.

The Crystal Fun team, made up of industry veterans from Ubisoft, Tencent and Gameloft, have also revealed four major gaming titles that are integrating into their ecosystem.

🎮 Arbitrum Launches Arcade Gameathon

Get your game controllers out!

The eight week long on-chain gameathon is designed to showcase over 24 of Arbitrum’s most innovative games.

If you never had a chance to discover the Arbitrum ecosystem, now is a great time to. The gameathon kicks off March 11th. 

Arbitrum also has a special incentive going for content creators, where you can win a custom gaming PC and receive a share of a $200,000 prize pool if you create content for the campaign. Sign up here before March 4th if you’re interested!

👀 Feast your Eyes on these Awesome Crypto Games!

Psyker | Cyberpunk Battle Fighting Game | Game Art

Wreck League | Competitive Brawl Game | In-game Footage

Skyweaver | Trading Card Game with Superpowers | In-game Footage

🪙 XAI Launches Staking Rewards. The Arbitrum Layer 3 gaming network, XAI, is launching its first phase of their new staking reward program. They’re also launching reward tiers with it, where boosted rewards are distributed based on the amount staked.

🎥 PlayMakers Land Raises $1.5M. The user generated content (UGC) gaming platform has secured $1.5 million in pre-seed funding to empower players by transforming them into creators. The UGC space is growing fast, with companies like Epic Games spending 40% of Fortnite's profits on creators.

📱 Immutable Debuts Mobile Game Release. Gods Unchained, Immutable’s free-to-play collectible card game, is now available for download on Google Play and iOS stores.

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