🕹️ A New $100M Web3 Gaming Fund Emerges

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💵 OKX partners with Immutable
🌱 A new $100M game fund emerges
🗡️ Shrapnel drops weapon skins
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🤝 OKX Partners with Immutable for Gaming Launchpad

OKX, a leading crypto exchange, has partnered with Immutable to transform how 50 million users engage with NFTs in games.

The GameFi, NFT-focused launchpad is coming to Immutable’s zkEVM chain, while simultaneously integrating OKX’s wallet, marketplace, as well as Immutable’s simple sign-on wallet service, Passport.

💸 King River Capital, Immutable, Polygon, Form $100M Gaming Fund

The Inevitable Games Fund (IGF) is a new initiative by industry giants KRC, Immutable and Polygon, and has been formed to back early web3 gaming startups.

The IGF has also been backed by large investors such as Alpha Wave Ventures and industry veterans like Merit Circle (creators of the BEAM ecosystem).

The fund will help revive web3 gaming investment in the space, after a significant decline in VC funding over multiple consecutive quarters.

🎮 GAM3S.GG Raises $2M in Strategic Round

GAM3S, a platform that curates content in the web3 gaming space, have successfully raised $2M from a range of venture capitalists (such as Merit Circle, WWVentures, CypherCapital), and from a range of notable angels.

The team is preparing to launch their upcoming $G3 token via an airdrop in early April.

The token will offer an array of “exclusive platform features, game rewards, and the opportunity to participate in upcoming token launches for games, among other planned utilities.”

👀 Feast your Eyes on these Awesome Crypto Games

Heroes of Mavia | Real-time Strategy Defense | Game Art

Battle Showdown | Mobile Battle Arena | In-game Footage

MIR4 | Real-time Strategy Tactical PvP | In-game Footage

👥 Xai Partners with MIX. The Arbitrum L3 game chain, XAI, is aimed to introduce 100 new game deployments to the chain in this collaboration with MIX, an indie games curator ecosystem.

🎮 Square Enix Invests in Crypto Game Launcher. The investment into the crypto-native game launcher, HyperPlay, is yet another exciting crypto move by the forward-thinking studio. Square Enix have previously invested in Sandbox in 2020 and have tied NFTs to Final Fantasy toys.

💣 Shrapnel Unveils Marketplace. The Avalanche-based shooter have finally launched their NFT marketplace. Here you can find new weapon skins that will provide cosmetic enhancements to your gear. In this early phase, there’s 10 to choose from, with prices ranging from 10-50 $SHRAP.

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