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  • 🕹️ Immutable Passport Goes Live, Portal Airdrop in January

🕹️ Immutable Passport Goes Live, Portal Airdrop in January


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🐵 Stolen Apes Returned to Holders

A major security breach at the peer-to-peer trading platform, NFT Trader, resulted in the theft of at least 36 Bored Apes and 13 Mutant Apes, with a cumulative value of over $3 million dollars.

But the hacker returned them all.

This was thanks to a 120 ETH bounty, demanded by the hacker, and funded by Boring Security, a non-profit Web3 security project which is backed by ApeCoin.

🪪 Immutable Passport Officially Goes Live

Get those passports ready, it’s time to take a trip!

Gamers will have an easier experience in Web3 with the recently launched Immutable Passport, a central place to access multiple games and marketplaces, and a place to securely save your assets, identity, and achievements.

They’re even doing a welcome bonus, where if you sign into Gods Unchained with Passport before December 31st, you’ll receive a free in-game cosmetic airdrop!

💸 The Warlords NFTs Generate Millions in Trading Volume

Ubisoft’s upcoming crypto game, Champions Tactic’s, have released their NFT collection, The Warlords, as a free mint.

They minted out within minutes, and saw over $2 million dollars in trading volume within only a couple of hours.

They now trade for around $405 at time of writing.

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👀 Feast your eyes on these awesome games!

Rune Seeker | Turn-based Strategy Card Game | In-game Footage

Superior | Co-op, Rogue-lite Third-person Shooter | Game Art

Big Time | Multiplayer Action RPG | In-game Footage

🪂 Portal airdrop is coming in January. Those $PORTAL farming tweets may finally be coming to an end. Following a successful $10M pre-sale (reached within the first 15 minutes), and a recent alliance with key industry players, Portal now sets their highly-anticipated airdrop for January 2024.

🏝️ Nifty Island sets open-beta launch date. Nifty Island’s play-to-airdrop campaign and open beta is coming January 17, 2024. Nifty Island is a community-first open metaverse where you create your own island and complete quests for on-chain rewards. Check out the launch trailer here!

🎮 Gods Unchained returns to Epic Games Store. As quickly as it was removed, the game comes back along with other Web3 games under the same ‘Adults Only’ category, in a refinement of Epic Game’s content policy.

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