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🩴 Gala Games shuns moonboi
🍇 A juicy Pixels giveaway is underway
💰 AOFVerse secure $3M for expansion

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💸 AOFVerse Secures $3M in Funding Round

The mobile-based gaming studio, AOFverse, has received some fresh pennies in the bank thanks to a funding round led by Animoca.

With a successful Arbitrum grant already in the bag, the extra capital will help the team expand, further cementing their position in the sector.

Their flagship, “genre-defining” PvP game, Army Of Fortune, launches later this year.

💵 Gas Hero NFTs See $90M in Trading Volume

The developers behind STEPN have recently launched Gas Hero, a strategic decision-making game.

It features six NFT collections hosted on the Polygon blockchain, and they’ve generated $90M in trading volume since they launched this month.

Gas Hero currently has 10,000+ players on mobile and desktop, and you don’t need to download anything to play!

😔 Gala Games Shuns Content Creator


There’s a slight conflict between YouTuber Jesus Martinez and Gala Games.

Martinez, a content creator that covers Gala games, was removed from the Gala creator program as his videos focused on the price of tokens.

Gala explained that since creators get advance knowledge of game updates and news, token speculation is prohibited due to possible legal issues.

Here’s a statement by Martinez on the matter.

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👀 Feast your Eyes on these Awesome Crypto Games!

Dual Arena | On-chain 1v1 Duels | In-game Footage

Nine Chronicles | Online Fantasy RPG | In-game Footage

Big Time | Multiplayer Action RPG | In-game Footage

🤺 Immutable Announces New Battle Game. Katana Inu, considered to be the ‘next-gen Battle Royale’, has announced a partnership with Immutable. The action-heavy fighting game will launch on Immutable’s platform, and it looks pretty cool! Check out some gameplay here.

🎁 Pixels Keeps Airdrop Hype Alive with Big Giveaways. As if the hype was dying out in the first place! Pixel players have the chance to get their hands on in-game NFTs, Ronin tokens, and VIP memberships via hearty giveaways from the team on Twitter. Keep an eye on their feed for updates.

📱 Captain Tsubasa Rivals Launches on Mobile. It’s a real joy nowadays when a crypto game launches on mobile. This free-to-play title is geared toward a Web2 audience, but there’s the ability to link progress over to the Web3 PC version at any time. If you join before January 31st, you’ll have the chance to win a Gacha ticket (giving you another chance to win NFTs and other prizes).

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