🕹️ ESRB-Rated ‘No’ for Degens

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🧊 Pudgy Penguins announces Pudgy World alpha

Pudgy Penguins, the popular NFT collection, have journeyed all the way from the ice caps of the Antarctic to the shelves of Walmart.

Now, in another move that takes the brand beyond conventional digital NFTs, the Penguins find themselves in Pudgy World, a charming (and icy) open-world adventure!

The zksync-powered alpha will launch in Q1 of 2024, and you won’t need a Pudgy Toy or NFT to play.

Check out the adorable announcement trailer here!

🌎 Pixels founder sets the stage on upcoming $PIXEL token

Pixels, the browser-based farming-exploration game, will soon welcome $PIXEL, a new and premium in-game token.

Players will be able to spend $PIXEL on an assortment of goodies, like land, crafting recipes, skins, and more.

With over 115,000 DAU (Daily Average Users), the $PIXEL token is incredibly anticipated. But unfortunately, that comes with an increase in scams and opportunists.

Founder Luke Barwikowski emphasized that the token won’t come as a surprise drop, and that they’ll be “noisy as hell” during the lead up to launch.

💰 Gacha Monsters secures $3M in seed funding

A relatively new gaming studio by the name of Gacha Monsters have secured funding for their upcoming flagship game, Poglin.

The round was led by none other than Animoca Brands, and featured Infinity Ventures Crypto, FBG, and Big Time Games as backers.

Gacha Monsters is co-founded by Jia-shen, the game developers behind Pokémon Medallion and the international version of Disney Tsum Tsum.

The team will use the funds to accelerate the development of their IP and they plan on launching their alpha in Q1 of next year!

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Oh Baby Kart unveils surprise Spongebob collab. Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? That’s right! Nickelodeon’s SpongeBob SquarePants and friends will join the kart-racing squad in a limited-time appearance. Check out the announcement trailer here!

Mirai Labs builds Avalanche subnet. Say goodbye to gas fees when transacting in Pegaxy and Petopia! Mirai Labs have switched to their own chain, utilising $PGX as the native token. This move will also allow for upcoming features like the GuildTech program, an innovative SocialFi and eSports initiative where players can form competitive, on-chain guilds.

Gods Unchained removed from Epic Games Store. Gods Unchained’s has recently received an ‘Adults Only’ ESRB age rating, falling into the category of games not permitted for sale in Epic’s store. This has resulted in the game’s removal. However, it is believed that the rating was given due to the crypto reward elements in the game, and not because of heavy violence or graphic content. Could this be the start of a mass removal of blockchain-based games? Read more about it here.

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