🕹️ eBay Downsizes Web3 Team By 30%

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🕴️YugaLabs Co-founder returns as CEO
💝 Surprise tokens for $RON stakers
😔 eBay lays off Web3 staff
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💻 eBay Lays Off 30% of its Web3 Employees

According to an exclusive report via gam3s.gg, a source close to eBay's Web3 division disclosed that layoffs affected over 30% of the team.

eBay acquired the NFT marketplace KnownOrigin in 2022, and then just after, a trading card marketplace called TCGplayer.

Now, David Moore, one of KnownOrigin’s founders, was recently made redundant. Stef Jay, the business and strategy officer of eBay’s web3 division, has also resigned.

Where there’s smoke, there’s fire, and something is clearly putting a strain on eBay’s relationship with Web3.

👾 $PIXEL Airdrop Soars in Market Cap

The highly-anticipated $PIXEL airdrop has been conducted, and the token is soaring through the market cap charts.

And, to add a cherry on the cake, the team graciously airdropped a surprise 20 million tokens to users who had staked Ronin’s $RON token.

Here’s yet another example how, in crypto, being a present and engaged ecosystem participant can leave you with handsome rewards even when you aren’t expecting it!

👨‍💼 Yuga Labs Sees Return of Co-Founder as CEO

Yuga Labs co-founder, Gregory Solano, is stepping back in as CEO.

In a tweet announcing his return, Solano highlighted his strategy on where he’ll take gaming, Otherside, and BAYC.

Additionally, in an effort to ensure focus and to “unshackle” the Bored Apes Yacht Club team, Solano also announced that BAYC will be seperated and will live as a separate entity under “BAYC LLC”.

👀 Feast your Eyes on these Awesome Crypto Games!

Blast Runners | On-chain Decision-Based Empire Builder | Game Art

Captain & Company | Extraction Battler Game | Game Art

The Forgotten Runiverse | Magical MMORPG | In-game Footage

🤝 Yuga Labs Acquires PROOF. The creative minds behind Moonbirds, and the folks at Yuga Labs, have merged together as one. This strategic move is set to enhance their portfolio and will further strengthen their Otherside Metaverse offering. Kevin Rose, the CEO and Founder of PROOF, will be transitioning to an advisory role at Yuga Labs.

🇮🇳 Mumbai Announces Metaverse Program. In a commitment to digital innovation, India has taken a leap forward with the launch of Mumbai Metropolis Metaverse, a platform that offers a virtual tour of the city’s major infrastructure projects through a VR experience. It’s live on the Play Store and the App Store. 

💸 Yooldo Announces $YOOL Airdrop. The developers of Trouble Punk - Cyber Galz have announced an airdrop promoting the $YOOL governance token, and there’s 10% - 20% of the token’s supply up for grabs.

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