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  • 🕹️ ApeCoin DAO Is Building On Arbitrum. Magic Eden Comes To Ethereum.

🕹️ ApeCoin DAO Is Building On Arbitrum. Magic Eden Comes To Ethereum.

In today’s High Score Junkie:

🦧 ApeCoin DAO is building on Arbitrum
🖼️ Magic Eden sets Ethereum launch date
🎮 Illuvium announces beta for Overworld
And much more…

Let’s dive in!

🔗 Magic Eden Marketplace Comes to Ethereum

The massively successful Solana-based NFT marketplace, Magic Eden is now launching on Ethereum on February 27th.

Users will be able to switch across multiple chains fluidly without ever needing to leave the platform.

Although there wasn’t a lot of detail in the announcement, there was a really cool teaser trailer!

🔍 Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow Raises $3M for Mystery Game

Former Head of NBCUniversal’s gaming sector, Chris Heatherly, has successfully raised $3 million dollars for the development of The Mystery Society, a social deduction party game.

The Web2 veteran, with background in Club Penguin and Disney, and with backing from the likes of Polygon Labs, is set to make huge moves in the space.

Check out their website if you’re interested in joining the beta. You’ll receive a limited edition NFT which might qualify you for special rewards in the future!

🗾 Oasys Partners with Com2us to Bring Web3 Gaming to Japan

Oasys, a gaming-focused blockchain, has partnered with Korean game developers Com2us to solidify Web3 gaming in the Japanese markets.

Com2us is behind titles like ‘The Walking Dead: All-Stars’ and ‘Summoners War: Chronicles', which they plan to bring over to the Oasys ecosystem.

👀 Feast your Eyes on these Awesome Crypto Games!

Benji Bananas | F2P Adventure Mobile Game | Game Art

Nifty Island | Island Metaverse Creator | In-game Footage

Overworld | Cross-platform Multiplayer RPG | Game Art

🪂 Blocklords Airdrops 300,000 $LRDS Tokens. Although the $LRDS token is not tradeable yet, players can stake it and use it in the game for various purposes. Didn’t know about the airdrop? Don’t worry, the campaign is still ongoing, with 3 more airdrop rounds yet to be distributed! Find out more here.

🏹 Illuvium to Launch Overworld Beta in Q2 2024. The highly anticipated open-world monster-catching game is launching their public open beta soon. One of the game’s main features, Illuvial hunting, will be available to try in the beta.

🗳️ ApeCoin DAO Vote to Build on Arbitrum. Another gaming ecosystem wants a slice of Arbitrum pie. The DAO voted 50.35% in favour of building ApeChain on Arbitrum. $APE, the governance token of the DAO, will also be used for gas fees when the network goes live.

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