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🏆 19 Games Win at the GAM3 Awards

The folks over at GAM3S organized a spectacular award show for the whole industry in what can be considered the Oscars of Web3 Gaming.

450,000 players and 70 jury members voted across 500+ games (yeah, there are that many)!

Here's a peek at some of the winners:

Now Imagine the fierce competition next year when there’s a lot more than 500+ games fighting for gold 👀 

Check out the other categories and winners here.

🤑 Farcana Raises $10M Seed for Esports Shooter

Another day, another crypto game gets funding! 🔥

The sci-fi, team-based game, Farcana, will use Polygon to scale, but they also aim to offer Bitcoin as rewards in tournaments – something we rarely see.

Based in Dubai, the team highlights that this raise is also part of their strategic vision in accelerating development in the Web3 Gaming industry within the MENA region.

🧬 Axie Infinity Introduces ‘Stage 2’ Evolution NFTs

Dynamic NFTs, first pioneered by Smol Brains, are now coming to the hit-game Axie Infinity.

Watch your Axies evolve on-chain as you play with them, and unlock new experiences without ever moving to a different NFT collection!

Players can evolve their Axies using crafting materials, or through sacrificing some of the Axies they own.

Have you ever leveled up on-chain before?

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👀 Feast your eyes on these awesome games!

MetalCore | PvPvE Combat Shooter | Game Art

Heroes Chained | Fantasy Deck-building RPG | In-game Footage

Splinterlands | Online Strategy Trading Deck-builder | Game Art

🚂 Forgotten Playland unveils teaser trailer. Take a peek into the play room! The gorgeous social party game, Forgotten Playland, have released their first trailer, highlighting the game’s environment and a few of the characters.

🌈 Rogue Nation is coming to Beam. Moonlit Game’s rogue-lite action game is joining the growing roster of crypto games migrating to Beam. The team is looking forward to enhancing and optimizing the player experience with Beam.

Shrapnel game launch gets postponed. The Shrapnel team have decided to delay the launch of their game to the “New Year” in efforts to ensure higher quality and greater team well-being.

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