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Chess gets re-imagined
💲 Farcana’s $FAR token launches soon
🌍 The future of gaming is in… Africa?

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🦧 Dookey Dash Reboot Goes Free-to-Play

Remember that game about toilets, apes and sewers? How could you forget it, right?

Well, it’s coming back!

Dookie Dash, once accessible to Sewer Pass NFT holders only, is now open to all.

Thanks to a collaboration with game studio Faraway, Yuga Labs have gone the free-to-play route, and are now offering tokens as rewards in the game too.

Dookey Dash will launch again sometime this quarter, and it’s also coming to mobile!

♟️ Animoca Brands Launches Unique Chess Game

Take the centuries-old game of Chess.

Now add spells, powerful visuals, bring Magnus Carlson on board, and maybe you’ll have the next big hit!

That’s what Animoca Brands is doing with Anichess, a brand new game seeking to modernize Chess and introduce it to new audiences.

Anichess will launch in phases, with the first phase introducing PvE mode (Player versus environment), and the second phase introducing PvP mode (Player versus player).

🌍 Newzoo Report: 95% of Gamers in Africa Play on Mobile


According to a new report by Newzoo, 95% of 177 million African gamers game on mobile.

That’s a massive chunk.

With a median age of 19.7 years, and 60% of the population being under 18, there’s been an overall positive shift in Africa’s purchasing power ($1 billion is projected to be spent on consumer gaming this year).

Couple this with Africa being one of the fastest adopters of crypto in the world and you could safely say the future of Web3 gaming in Africa is bright!

🎴 Battle your Way to Victory in this Vibrant Deck Builder!

We love deck battler games, but most of them focus too much on game mechanics and not enough on looks.

In Goon Wars, the focus is placed on both!

Here, the game’s visuals are not an afterthought, but a focal point that keeps the player engaged throughout the entire battle.

As you collect, trade and battle over 300 unique cards with powerful elements and abilities, Goon Wars will leave you wanting more!

👀 Feast your Eyes on these Awesome Crypto Games!

Angelic | Sci-Fi Strategy RPG | Game Art

The Winkyverse | e-Learning Open-World Adventure | Game Art

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💹 Farcana Will List $FAR Token Next Week. Farcana, the game that raised $10M in funding in a round led by Animoca Brands, will be launching their utility token on January 23rd. $FAR will be used in-game for tournament passes, skins, pets and more. Trading will go live on Bybit.

🏝️ Nifty Island Launches Open Beta. It’s Play-to-Airdrop SZN! Play and get $ISLAND in Nifty Island’s Open Beta! You won’t really know how you’re earning the token, but if you own a Legendary Palm NFT (and some other partner project NFTs), you’ll get some additional earning bonuses.

🍭 Matter Labs and iCandy Interactive Dream Up zkCandy Hyperchain. A new Layer 2 hyperchain designed solely for gaming is coming to enhance the gaming experience for zkSync. It will offer specialized tools for gaming and AI, including a decentralized gaming infrastructure, and developer resources to help with game development.

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