🕹️ This $70M NFT Fail Has Been Completely Reborn

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In today’s High Score Junkie:

🪙 MixMob launches governance token
🛹 Visa partners with off-ramp processor
🪂 Heroes of Mavia introduces airdrop
And much more…

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🧸 Forgotten Playland Raises $7M in Seed Raise

Forgotten Playland, an upcoming game by Vermilion studios, has successfully raised $7 million in a funding round led by Merit Circle, Paper Ventures and others.

The toy simulator and social party game will be launching on Merit Circle’s Beam the first quarter of this year.

🦉 Pixelmon Gears up for $MON Token Launch

Remember the hyped NFT collection where $70M+ was forked out by collectors for knockoff Pokémon creatures? Then, when the NFTs were revealed, they looked like this?

Well, things have taken a full 180 degree turn.

With new leadership, a complete NFT re-design, an $8M seed raise, and new mini games being launched every few months, the hype hasn’t died down.

Sign-ups for the token presale are now open for Pixelmon NFT holders. The token is expected to be launched sometime this year.

💳 Visa Partners With Crypto-Fiat Payment Provider

I think we can agree that the process of on-ramping into crypto is well supported. But off-ramping? Not so much.

Visa has announced their partnership with Transak, a payment processor that allows users to convert their cryptocurrency into fiat via real-time card withdrawals.

In 30 minutes or less, and with support for over 40 cryptocurrencies, users will be able to sell their crypto assets and receive money onto their credit cards, Apple Pay, bank accounts and more.

Developers are also able to implement this off-ramp module within their games and dApps for an effortless user experience.

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🪂 Heroes of Mavia Introduces Airdrop. The strategy-focused game have announced an airdrop program ahead of their mobile launch. If you download the app and sync your account to the Mavia website, you’ll be eligible. Here’s a tutorial on how to do it.

🪙 MixMob Token Launches on ByBit. The Solana based Esports racing game, MixMob, have launched their $MXM token. This follows the success of their NFT sale, which raised $2M+ in minutes. The revenue-sharing token will bring utility to the game and also serve as a governance token.

🛑 Overwatch Bans Crypto Sponsors at Esports League. Esports and Crypto have been largely the best of friends lately. However, since the FTX collapse (FTX being a main sponsor of Esport tournaments), there’s been a drop in deals. And now, Overwatch has taken an anti-crypto stance on sponsors.

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