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🪙 A Telegram game gives trillions of tokens
5️⃣ Five key trends for crypto gaming in 2024
🤨 A crypto game moves away from crypto

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📊 YGG Co-founder Highlights 5 Key Themes for 2024

Just before the holiday period, Yield Guild Games hosted their Web3 gaming summit in The Philippines.

With over 90+ industry speakers participating, much of the focus of the summit was set on discussing the future of the gaming industry in 2024.

YGG Co-founder Gabby Dizon shared 5 key themes for 2024 based on his insight in the space. These themes were:

  • Guilds - They’ll become more personalized and a prominent part of a gamer’s identity.

  • Web3 Quests - A popular way for games to acquire players will be through on-chain quests, where games and chains will incentivize players to accomplish tasks and discover content in their ecosystems.

  • Content Creators - We’ll see the rise of content creators solely through Web3 games and crypto-based eSport tournaments.

  • AI NFTs - Innovations in smart contracts will unlock a myriad of unique experiences never before seen in crypto games.

  • The Future of Gaming is Now - Dizon emphasized just how far gaming has come over the recent years, and how bright its future is.

We tend to agree with it all 😉.

🪙 STEPN Developers Debut $GMT Token

Remember STEPN, the move-to-earn app that went viral?

The developers are back with Gas Hero, a new strategy game launching on Polygon!
Gas Hero is a decision-making game where players guide their squads to battle to accumulate power, collect NFTs, and earn $GMT.

Check out the trailer here!

🦾 Arena X Raises $9M to Expand AI Development

The studio behind AI Arena has successfully raised funds to further develop their game, its NFTs, and an AI education piece that will educate and inspire developers to build in AI.

Arena X Lab’s co-founder Wei Xie said: “What we're doing is education and delivery of a true understanding and appreciation of AI through a very engaging medium of gaming." 

AI in gaming is also becoming more prominent thanks to a new Ethereum smart-contract standard, ERC-6551, which allows for Token Bound Accounts.

In Token Bound Accounts, NFTs can own other NFTs, which will unlock new and unique experiences.

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👀 Feast your Eyes on these Awesome Crypto Games!

Cave World | Turn-by-turn Strategy Game | Game Art

Striker League | Fast-paced Soccer Strategy Game | In-game Footage

METALCORE | PvPvE Shooter Combat | Game Art

😔 The Immortal Game Pivots away from Crypto. The world's first play-and-earn Chess game, which also raised $12 million last year, says goodbye to all crypto elements within the game (even abandoning their native token, Checkmate $CMT), due to an increase in cheating.

🪂 Heroes of Mavia Gears up for Airdrop. Are you an airdrop hunter? Heroes of Mavia has announced details for their upcoming $MAVIA airdrop. It’s part of their ‘Pioneer Program’, which will reward players that staked land or currently hold specific NFTs.

⛏️ Trillions of Tokens Farmed in Telegram Game. Imagine simply clicking a button to earn crypto. That’s what this Telegram meme coin ‘game’ allows you to do. You can even spend tokens you’ve collected on boosts to earn even more. Although Notcoin is unreleased and not tradable yet, there’s speculation that a potential airdrop is coming.

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