🕹️ 30% of Crypto Games Died in 2023

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👟 Nike goes deeper into fashion wearables
🛑 GameStop literally stops
💸 Axie Infinity makes economic changes to $SLP

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🧦 Nike Expands In-Game Fashion Wearables

The Nike.swoosh platform has announced their plans to deepen their presence in the Web3 gaming wearable space.

They envision players being able to purchase and wear Nike collectable fashion items directly in their preferred game.

Interoperability and NFTs make this happen!

The company also stated that: “It's more about the joy of collecting—of being a true fan—not just a transaction."

However, we still don’t know much about Nike’s stance on NFTs as they have not consistently embraced blockchain tech.

 GameStop Ends NFT Gaming Marketplace

GameStop is stopping their crypto adventure.

Following the closure of their NFT wallet 4 months ago, GameStop has also decided to close their NFT marketplace, along with other crypto ventures as well.

The reason? Regulatory uncertainties in the space.

What’s interesting though is that their NFT Twitter account has remained quiet about the closure.

Didn’t they get the memo?

🪦 30% of Crypto Games Died in 2023


As new crypto games pop up, many rug die out. 

In a report by Game7, 50 crypto games were found to have discontinued development last year.

But research by the Big Blockchain Gaming List discovered this number to be much higher, at around 400+ games.

There’s a number of reasons why this might be – not enough funds raised, bad market conditions, lack of players, heavy cheating (like we saw in the Immortal Game on Friday’s issue), and plain ol’ scams!

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💰 Raid’s New Gamified Staking Offers $200k in Rewards. Now that’s an incentive! The anime-centric NFT collection, Ether, has launched Raids, which features a brand new gamified staking system. Season 1 awaits with some fun surprises! Check out the trailer here!

🧪 Axie Infinity Updates SLP Monetary Policy. Some big changes have been made to the monetary policy of the powerful Small Love Potion, an elixir that originally helps players breed Axies quicker. It’s economics are being re-imagined in a few ways, including a supply cap and a buyback program. Read more about it here.

🪙 Pixelmon Announces $MON Token Community Pre-sale. Pixelmon and Golden Trainer holders will be able to get access to the pre-sale through “Guaranteed Lots”, which vary based on an NFT's rarity. Holders will also be able to invite friends to participate with a special waitlist code system. The $MON token aims to give players a substantial role in shaping its universe.

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