🕹️ $15M in Team Tokens Stolen in Hack

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🥷 Millions in $GAMEE tokens get compromised
🛩️ A new VC fund emerges
🧖‍♀️ Ronin Wallet gets a fresh makeover

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💰 $15M in Gamee Tokens Compromised in Breach

Gamee, an Animoca-backed platform aiming to onboard players to Web3 through mobile games, experienced a severe breach yesterday.

600 million tokens, valued at $15M at the time, were compromised. The hacker gained access to the token’s contracts via an insecure GitLab account.

The hacker then sold the tokens on various DEXs, dumping the price.

Gamee reassured its community that the affected tokens were from internal team token reserves. $GMEE seems to be on the mend and is up 55% in the last 24 hours.

💵 Paper Ventures Starts Web3 Gaming Fund

A new venture capital fund has arrived, and the founders are true crypto OGs.

Paper Venture’s founders have been in crypto since 2010, and were early backers of projects like Polygon, Moonbeam, and Cosmos.

As over-investment is plaguing the space, Paper Ventures vows to closely work with their investments and actively contribute to their development from the outset. $25M has been allocated to invest in early-stage Web3 projects and games, the first being Renzo.

🌳 Treeverse and Capsule Heroes Join Immutable zkEVM

Endless Clouds have joined forces with Immutable to bring two highly anticipated games, Treeverse and Capsule Heroes, to their Ethereum-based chain.

The games will benefit from the chain’s low fees, speed, and Immutable Passport, a recently launched non-custodial wallet and sign-on solution that helps onboard players effortlessly.

Both games are planned to go through rigorous open alpha and beta testing on the zkEVM ahead of their respective launches.

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👀 Feast your Eyes on these Awesome Crypto Games!

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⛓️ Sega Collaborates with Finschia. Sega Singapore has announced a strategic partnership with Finschia, a blockchain aiming to onboard users to Web3 games. They’re actively contributing to the network by operating a node and engaging in protocol governance. This partnership shows Sega’s willingness to embrace Web3 tech, and is a great step forward!

🐍 Snaky Cat to Debut on Base. If you’re old enough to remember the classic game of Snake, you’ll know its gone through countless iterations and adaptations. Now it meets Web3! In Snaky Cat, you’ll play as a cat-like snake which grows when consuming food (kinda like that game slither.io). The goal is to grow as long as you can earning $TOWER rewards as you play. The game will launch on Coinbase’s Base network.

📱 Ronin Wallet Updated with New Features. The Ronin wallet has been re-designed to be sleeker, more intuitive, and it now offers multi-chain support. Together with enhanced security and performance fixes, the user experience is a lot more fluid. Before updating, don’t forget to backup your seed phrase and recovery password in case something goes wrong!

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