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In today’s High Score Junkie:

🎮 Shrapnel releases first look into gameplay
🥽 A Web3 metaverse for Apple Vision Pro?
♾️ An ‘Infinity Chains’ litepaper is unveiled
And much more…

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📱 Heroes of Mavia Reaches 1M+ Downloads

Heroes of Mavia, a crypto game backed by the likes of Binance Labs and Crypto.com, surges to the top of the App Store.

With over 1M+ downloads since their launch last week, and a successful airdrop campaign, the strategy-battler has an incredibly bright future ahead.

Retail investors also seem to be happy with the buzz, as $MAVIA is up 65% on the day, surpassing a $100M market cap for the first time.

🛡️ Shrapnel Launches Exclusive Gameplay Sessions

The highly anticipated shooter game, Shrapnel, has released a first taste of its gameplay. It’s available exclusively for Extraction Pack NFT holders.

The game can be downloaded from the Epic Game Store. But even if you own an access key, there’s only a limited amount of sessions available to try it.

$100,000 worth of SHRAP tokens is also up for grabs at tomorrow’s “STX1” tournament, which will end February 10th.

🥽 A Web3 Metaverse is Coming to Apple Vision Pro

OK, maybe not directly from Apple.

But Victoria VR, an upcoming gamed pitched as “The first Blockchain-based MMORPG in virtual reality with realistic graphics, built on Unreal Engine, and owned by its users.", is making a splash in the space.

The VR utility token spiked 70% on the news, but we still don’t know how Apple will react to the game given their poor sentiment towards crypto.

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💰 Planet Mojo Announces Mint and $10K Tournament. Get ready for Mojo Bowl II, a tournament with a $10,000 prize pool, whitelist spots, and other prizes up for grabs. Open qualifiers start on Friday, with the main event on Sunday. It will be live streamed on Twitch!

💎 Treasure DAO Unveils “Infinity Chains” Litepaper. It looks like the gaming DAO will be sticking with Arbitrum after all. The DAO unveiled their plans for 2024, which is to build infrastructure that allows for games to live on their own chain within the overall ecosystem. $MAGIC will be used for gas fees, and if passed, will be burnable under a new deflationary model. Read it here.

💸 9VRSE Receives Arbitrum Grant for Racing Game. The team behind Kitty Inu DAO have successfully received a grant to build their Kart racing game, KittyKart. The team is made up of talent from Oculus, Meta, and Google, and they have some cool achievements, like Emmys and Forbes 30 under 30 honors. 

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