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🕹️ $1 Million Dollars Up For Grabs In Gala Games Hackathon

In today’s High Score Junkie:

📃 Sony files crypto patent
💰 Gala announces million dollar hackathon
⛓️ Ubisoft wants to validate it all
And much more…

Let’s dive in!

📄 Sony Files for ‘Super Fungible’ Gaming Token Patent

Are NFTs and tokens coming to the PlayStation in the not-so-distant future?

Sony has filed for a patent that gives players the ability to transfer their game’s progress and assets to other players by bundling assets together.

The patent does not specify if it would use a public or private blockchain, (a Sony chain as a new gaming layer does sound really exciting though).

Of course, not all patents make it to production. And a shift like this will cause a stir on the financialization and economics of web2 games, but its a great stamp of approval nonetheless.

👥 Heroes of Mavia Reaches 2.6M Monthly Active Users

In a massive milestone for crypto gaming, Heroes of Mavia has proven that there is a real appetite for mobile crypto gaming.

2.6M players have downloaded and played the game, with new players joining all the time.

No blockchain elements have been integrated in the game yet, but land NFTs are expected to be the first.

🤝 Animoca Brands Partners with KDDI to Reach New Audiences in Japan

Animoca Brands has partnered with KDDI, a large telecommunications provider in Japan, to tap in to its 31 million web3 users.

KDDI is behind the Alpha U metaverse. The partnership seeks to marry Mocaverse’s on-chain decentralised ID with Alpha U’s web3 wallet, allowing for a seamless interaction between the two ecosystems.

The collaboration also involves the open-world shooter, Phantom Galaxies, where NFTs from the game will be made accessible on the αU marketplace.

👀 Feast your Eyes on these Awesome Crypto Games!

Zeeverse | Creature-based MMORPG | Game Art

Superior | Co-op Third Person Shooter | Game Art

Wildcard | Real-time Arena-based MOBA | Game Art

🖥️ Gala Games Announces Hackathon. The 24-hour hackathon will be centred around the GalaChain SDK and will be hosted both in-person and online for GDC (Game Developers Conference) attendees. There’s a hefty $1 million prize pool up for grabs.

👾 Pixels Reaches 1.1M Players. Heroes of Mavia is not the only game making waves! Popular social-farming game, Pixels, has completely taken over the Ronin network, reaching 1.1M players and over 300,000 daily active users.

🛫 Ubisoft Expands Crypto Gaming Network Reach. Ubisoft has continued to embrace crypto tech, as early in their journey they may still be. They’ve joined yet another gaming chain as a validator: XPLA, adding it to a long list of crypto projects they support.

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